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Save more on fuel with Shell Coles Express promotion

Find out how you can save on rising petrol prices with Shell Coles Express.

Drivers on the hunt to cut down on costs due to rising fuel prices could benefit from a new program from Shell Coles Express.

From November to December 28, customers at Shell Coles Express can save eight cents per litre off their fuel purchasewith its Double Docket Discount promotion.

During this periodcustomers can use their four cents Coles discount dockets (received when you spend $30 or more on your groceries at Coles supermarkets) at any Shell Coles Express or Reddy Express site upon paying for fuel.

Shoppers can take advantage of even more fuel savings by utilising other partners, including the AFL Live and Shell V-Power Racing Team apps, Budget Direct, Aura and Transurban to stack their docketsand save up to 18 cents.

Viva Energy Retail CEO Jevan Bouzo says this promotion aimsto alleviate some of the cost-of-living pressures felt by consumers across the country.

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“We’re delighted to be able to help customers reduce their spend at the fuel pump by providing this special discount offer through our Shell Coles Express sites for a limited time,” Buozo says.

“We acknowledge that the price of fuel can add to cost-of-living pressures for many, so in the lead up to the festive season we aim to provide a little bit of relief by doubling the Coles docket discount to eight cents off at Shell Coles Express and Reddy Express sites.

“Not only can shoppers save eight cents each time they fill up by presenting a valid Coles docket, but by stacking with other partners such as AFL, Transurban and Budget Direct, there could be even more savings to be made when purchasing quality Shell fuels. It’s one less thing to think about during a busy time.”

The offer is valid with a maximum petrol purchase per transaction of 150 litres in one vehicle and approved containers only, and is not valid with Adblue, Fleet Card, Shell Card, Motorcharge and Motorpass purchases.

The promotion is available at Shell Coles Express and Reddy Express sites nationwide from 12.01am AEDT on ThursdayNovember 2 to 11.59pm AEDT on Thursday December 28, 2023.

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