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Simulator to ‘revolutionise’ driver training

Driver training

MOTUM Simulation has launched its newest simulation software, MOTUM World, which it says has the capability to ‘revolutionise’ how heavy vehicle driver training operates in Australia.

The new software will focus on local conditions and road rules, tailored to various driving scenarios.

Developed in Melbourne, MOTUM World will feature a customisable platform, with currently developed versions encompassing learner drivers, emergency services, port services, mining industries and more.

MOTUM says it prides itself on the adaptability of the program, being able to create environments that can simulate any road terrain or condition, and give trainers access to advanced metrics.

“We completed a worldwide search looking for software titles – we tried a number of them, and none had the fidelity, adaptability, flexibility and scalability that could match the quality of our hardware offering,” says MOTUM managing director Steve Hoinville.

“So, we have embarked on creating our own software title that is tailored specifically for Australian driving conditions.

“We are incredibly proud of our initial release, which has been with select partners for 18 months now, including Qube Ports, Alkane Resources, and emergency service providers, while we are now poised to launch into the broader driver education space, including Pre-L, L to P and other learner programs, such as with the elderly or recovering drivers.

“A particular focus of the program is to make it as adaptable as possible for any driver education requirement.

“For instance, it can be used in heavy vehicles, Ubers, taxis, material handling and forklifts, port services, rail, and beyond – we have the functionality to expand into any training regime for any industry.”

Hoinville says the scale of the program sets it apart from others, giving the drivers the chance to train in specialised environments.

“With other existing driver training software titles, they tend to have small environments, very simple roads or car park examples, but with MOTUM World, if a client wanted to create the whole of the Melbourne CBD, we have that ability in-house.

“Furthermore, MOTUM World can be developed for any international application with ease.

“Our aim is to develop skills and behaviours in the virtual environment that transfer directly to the real world, which is a true breakthrough for the driver training and education industry.”

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