Panus in for the long haul

SPONSORED CONTENT: Lasting in a market so fierce can sometimes be challenging, for Panus Oceania, their goals and vision far withstand economic lows and market uncertainty. Their small, yet effective team have so far lead to a major success as a manufacturer.

Panus in for the long haul
Panus expands


Panus Oceania has only been in the Australian trailer manufacturing market since 2013 however it has a long history of Trailer manufacturing.

Quickly expanding they have made an impression through the Eastern regions of Australia and making their impact within the transport industry.

Panus have customers all across Australia and a varied product range involving all types of freight requirements; wharf, general freight cartage, non-standard designs and Performance-based standards (PBS) trailers.

Panus execute all aspects of their business to ensure what leads to the end goal is about performing to the highest standard and exceeding customer expectations.

"It is about streamlining these internal processes to ensure we are producing a time, cost-effective and high-quality product delivered ultimately with full satisfaction to the customer." Ron Gysberts, International Sales & Marketing Director for Panus Assembly, provides an insight about the progress that the Australian company has made since 2013.

"It was a learning curve in the beginning however once we found a point of difference that allowed us to get a competitive edge within the strong market this drove sales and allows us to continue to build the company," says Ron, when speaking about key points the company focused on to develop within the market.

"We placed a focus on driving down lead times and building a cost-effective product, both of which we continue through to today. Also, by having stock on the ground in Australia ready for immediate use we are able to provide trailers to customers quickly and efficiently."

Earlier this year Panus Oceania presented Brisbane based Silk Contract Logistics with two sets of Quad-quad axle ‘Super B’ Skeletal trailers to be used specifically for the Port of Brisbane.

This Performance-based standard design (PBS) allows for a Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of 117 tonnes and has an 8 tonne increase in payload than the quad-tri combination more commonly used, which has GCM of 109 tonne.

More so, the importance of having both a steer axle on the A and B trailer shows the enormity of the payload these trailers are carrying. The quad skels are working 24/7 and carry some of the heaviest mass limits to ever be approved to work at the Port of Brisbane.

For Panus Oceania it is about moving forward and keeping at the forefront of the industry, along with new Chain of Responsibility laws being introduced Panus see this as an opportunity to bring the trailer market up to speed, emphasising the importance of safety on trailing equipment.

"It is common for transport fleets to focus primarily on truck maintenance and driver fatigue management. Often, the trailer is not as well thought of as what the truck would be, Panus want to improve this and standardise trailer telematics" Ron also discussed how the telematics of the trailer are able to be captured and maximised through their new smart tracking device.

Information on tyre wear, tyre pressure, brake application, driver behaviour and real time GPS tracking can be monitored, improving the maintenance ability and pre-empt any possible issues that may arise.

Smart technology on trailers is an area Panus are focusing on moving forward, making this one focal point.

Panus believe this will attract the attention of customers to help better understand their trailer fleet and believe in the near future telematics for trailers will become a standard feature allowing owners and fleet operators to better manage and control potential dangers.

The long-term focus for Panus is to continue to expand throughout Australia and maintain the capability to reach all customer markets with all types of freight requirements.

Whilst still a fairly new player in the market, 2018 has been their best one yet with sales at their highest since 2013.

Panus Oceania have recently expanded their operations to accommodate for a more sales-focused model to be implemented within Melbourne and Brisbane.

Having moved to bigger yards in both cities they hope this will increase both production and sales and maintain on target with their five-year strategy plan.

Increased sales in both semi and skel trailers has been attributed due to the continuing increased demand for road transport within Australia, a figure that will continue to rise and one that Panus believe they have what it takes to support this demand nationwide.



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