Evolution of an icon

We knew it was coming and we knew Kenworth would launch it with all the gusto and pomp befitting the brand’s top-selling truck. Even so, the launch of the new K220 cab-over was more than expected, showcasing a tireless warrior transformed with a smart blend of modern features encased in classically Kenworth styling. But after 50 years, is this the last major makeover we’ll see for the iconic K-series?
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Gavins grand plan

From driver to owner-driver to fleet owner, Tamworth-based Gavin Sutton has experienced the ups and downs of the road transport industry. Now he’s riding high with a mostly Volvo fleet as well as a few reliable reminders of his early days
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Kenworth keeps kicking on

COVID or no COVID, the Australian road freight industry continues to run hot and leading the rush for trucks is heavy-duty supremo Paccar Australia, boldly led by its Kenworth flagship. But don’t go thinking Paccar’s powerbrokers are resting on laurels or aren’t looking far into the future. The way we see it, big things are brewing behind the scenes for both Kenworth and its ambitious DAF stablemate.
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