Brisbane beats the odds – Best trucks of BTS21

After facing assaults on its future over the past few years, and despite several major brands choosing not to support the show and the men and women who have kept Australia fed, fuelled and functional during the toughest time in modern history, the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show proved yet again why it is truly the trucking industry’s foremost event - attracting just over 30,000 attendees over four days
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BTS21: Brisbane stays strong with new trucks on show

Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, the 2021 Brisbane Truck Show will go ahead with all the optimism and opportunity that for decades has typified Australia’s biggest and brightest trucking event. Sure, a few regular exhibitors may have succumbed to ‘pandemic panic’, but for the truly faithful and the boldly confident, the 2021 Brisbane show will be a stunning panacea marking the start to far better days. Bring it on!
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Kenworth lays on master class to combat pandemic

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: In a year like no other in living memory, Paccar Australia achieved far more in 2020 than simply endure a crisis decimating lives and livelihoods across the country. Way beyond expectations or even hopes, Australia’s top truck maker quietly stamped its mastery on the heavy-duty market and in the process showed what it truly takes to excel in tough times. A rare and revealing interview with Paccar Australia chief Andrew Hadjikakou
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