Meaty big V8s

On the outskirts of Albany in WA’s deep south, Ken and Angela Zambonetti have built a dynamic livestock transport business based on reliability and total commitment to delivering cattle and sheep in first-rate condition. But in an age when long-term loyalty is often overshadowed by short-term satisfaction, this couple firmly believes in sticking to those things they know to be tried and true. When it comes to trucks, that means Scania.
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Clash of the Continentals: Next Generation Scania Test Drive

It’s said to be the safest, most efficient, most expensive ‘New Truck Generation’ ever developed by Scania in its 127-year history, and it’s now here, hot on the heels of the brand’s most successful year in its Australian history. No question, Scania is kicking goals like never before and if things go to plan, goals won’t be the only thing it’ll be kicking. Steve Brooks writes
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Scania launches all-new truck range

Owner//Driver was at the Australian launch of the new generation of Scania trucks yesterday, where the manufacturer walked us through the ground-up redesign of their range. Ten years and $3 billion of development, and more than 12 million test kilometres have left Scania confident they're the best trucks yet.
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