Used Truck: Norman’s 1947 Bedford K Series

By: Michael Cahill

1948 Bedford K Series Preview Image 1948 Bedford K Series Preview Image
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Norman is selling his old Bedford truck that he turned into a prize-winning, eight-year restoration project.

Back in 2000, Norman bought a 30 acre farm from a friend that happened to come with a 1947 Bedford truck that had been in storage.  This began his long-running restoration project that led to winning numerous truck show awards and keeping a bit of trucking history alive.

The Bedford Restoration Project

Norman says he has always been a driver, having received his first truck license when he was 19. He also fancies himself a "Bit of a motorhead," but the kind that has always been more into the trucks rather than the fast cars.

Norman enlisted the help of experienced professionals to conduct the restoration, and they rebuilt and reconditioned huge portions of the truck. This work includes a complete engine rebuild, a reconditioned gearbox, new upholstery and a new wood tray.

All this work was done across multiple locations and with help from a variety of experts.

 ""We stripped it right back to the chassis… there’s not a nut screw or bolt in the whole project that’s not stainless steel," Norman adds.

All up, the restoration project took roughly 8 years, and as the pictures demonstrate, the results were quite spectacular.

Bedford K-Series Truck

History of the Bedford

Norman doesn’t know a lot about the history of this particular truck, but can talk at length about the history of the model. Before he undertook the restoration there was a badge on the back of the truck from a previous owner who was a plumber that used to run a business out of Hurstbridge. Back in the day it was also common for the K-series to be used by farmers as it was relatively small and light.Bedford Logo2

Bedford was a brand of vehicles established by Vauxhall Motors in 1930, which itself was owned by General Motors.

The old Bedfords also played a role in World War 2, though they did undergo a design to be better suited for military use. Norman says that the Bedfords were mainly put in a coach or ambulance role during the war, and that their skinny wheels were ideal for the muddy trench conditions.

Selling it

When asked whether all that work was justified, Norman has no doubts. Between the joys he’s got from showing it off, finally hearing it start up and being able to drive it, Norman reckons "It was definitely worth it."

The Bedford has been recognised multiple times, including back in 2012 when it won the Best Restoration award at the Yesteryear Truck Show in Wauchope.

 These days Norman mostly just takes the Bedford out for a drive when heading towards truck shows, which is part of the reason why he is selling it. It was certainly not an easy decision for Norman, but he reckons that there’s someone out there who has more time to show it off.

"It’s not that easy to sell as I don’t really want to part with it"

You can see more details on the Bedford by checking out the ad here.

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