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Truckstop of the Month: Café Rous Fremantle

Café Rous at Fremantle Port has quite a few services for drivers that other truck stops can’t boast.


Of course you expect a wide range of food and showers when you go into a truckies’ restaurant. But how about free Wi-Fi, free Foxtel and a port-connected TV screen displaying timeslots?

These extras are available at Café Rous at North Fremantle, right near the main port for Western Australia.

For many the bonus facilities have to beat whiling away the time sitting in a truck, especially if it’s a day-cab.

“The drivers can wait in comfort here until they are ready to go,” Café Rous manager Jignesh Pidhadiya says.

Drivers can also relax in the eating area outside. There’s plenty of room — enough for 80 people inside and out, in total.

There is an adjoining card-only Caltex fuel station with half a dozen high-flow diesel pumps, four AdBlue bowsers and heaps of truck parking space.

Pidhadiya estimates about 70 per cent of the café’s customers are truckies, with the peak period being 5am to 2pm.

There’s a wide-ranging alternating menu with everything from cold food such as cakes and sandwiches and salad rolls; to old-style deep fried tucker; to roasts and vegies and pastas; to ‘wet’ dishes such as curry or lamb with rice.

What does Pidhadiya think of the truckies?

“Some of them are really nice,” he says.

“Ninety-five per cent of them are happy customers; you always find one or two who complain about waiting or ‘why don’t you have this-or-that’.”

You can read the full story on Cafe Rous in the October edition of Owner//Driver.



Photography: Steve Skinner

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