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Victorian haulage company cops EPA fine

The Environmental Protection Agency says the fine sends a message to other companies to always follow safety protocols to avoid polluting the environment.

The Environmental Protection Authority of Victoria (EPA) has handed down a substantial fine to a trucking company as a reminder of the safety precautions needed in the transport industry.

A Wollert haulage company that failed to properly secure its load has been fined $9,246 by EPA Victoria.

EPA Victoria says the incident and fine are reminders to the trucking industry to be better prepared.

EPA received more than 150 calls last year to assist with road related spills on roads across Victoria that had potential to harm the environment.

Most were related to escaping fuel following a road incident but almost half (64) involved incidents where the spill wasn’t related to a collision.

Western Metropolitan Regional Manager Steve Lansdell says the environmental impacts of these spills could have been reduced if trucking companies were better prepared.

“Transport is a professional industry. EPA requires operators and drivers to be prepared. Loads should be secured and spill kits in case of an emergency should be carried at all times,” Landsell says.

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“Accidents happen but they can be prevented with common-sense and a professional approach. Otherwise, we will take action and issue fines.”

In this case, AB Haulage of Pine Park Drive, Wollert was fined following an incident where one of their trucks spilled a load of about 1.2 tonnes of waste construction soil as it drove along the Tullamarine Freeway on April 17 this year.

“Luckily no one was hurt when this spill occurred,” Lansdell says.

“It’s a timely reminder for all operators and drivers to make sure they proactively work to prevent these kinds of incidents from happening – for the sake of community and the environment.”

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