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WA government commits $178 million in transport funding

After a number of projects had their funding cut, the WA government has committed to reinvesting in the state's rural roads.

Regional Western Australia is set to receive an additional $178 million in funding to deliver a major boost to transport.

The funding covers a wide range of initiatives including more assistance to access drivers’ licences, increased financial support to get kids to and from school and unlocking key resource projects that will drive jobs and economic growth.

“We know access to affordable and reliable travel options is essential to regional and remote communities, which is why we continue to invest in measures that have a meaningful impact,” says transport minister Rita Saffioti.

“The additional investment we are making will enhance transport for regional and remote communities by improving access to drivers’ licences, increasing the financial assistance to get kids to and from school and delivering significant safety upgrades at regional level crossings.”

$4.1 million of the funds have been allocated to extend the successful Driving Access and Equity Program that is helping disadvantaged learner drivers in regional WA obtain their driver’s licence.

A further $8.3 million has been committed to the Student Transport Conveyance Allowance, increasing the financial support for regional families getting kids to and from school from 25.24 cents per kilometre to 55.6 cents per kilometre.

This allowance is integral for regional families, supporting students with special needs and regional families who cannot access the Public Transport Authority’s School Bus Services.

This increase represents the most significant change to the Student Transport Conveyance Allowance since it was last reviewed in 2002.

“In response to the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee’s recently released Bus Fair report we will be more than doubling the conveyance allowance for regional families that cannot access the Public Transport Authority’s School Bus Services,” says Saffioti.

“Increasing the conveyance allowance will not only assist in getting kids to school, but it will also deliver cost-of-living relief for some regional families.”

Regional level crossings are also in for a boost, with safety upgrades pulling in an additional $34 million. $17 million is coming directly from the federal government’s Regional Australia Level Crossing Safety Program.

Four road projects that recently had funding removed during a recent review of the nation’s infrastructure pipeline will see $132 million being funnelled back into them.

These include $48 million for the Moorine Rock to Mt Holland Road Upgrades, $48 million for the Marble Bar Road Upgrade, $29.6 million to continue planning for the Pinjarra Heavy Haulage Deviation project and $6.4 million for the Great Southern Secondary Freight.

“The government is delivering on its commitment to projects that had funding cut by the federal government as part of its review of the nation’s infrastructure pipeline,” says Saffioti.

“The State Government will provide an additional $132 million to continue four road projects that had funding cut as part of the Federal IAP review, delivering on our commitment to seeing these projects delivered.”

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