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Wollongong introduces street electric vehicle chargers

Drivers travelling through Wollongong will be able to take advantage of the city's new street-based EV infrastructure.
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Drivers travelling through Wollongong and surrounds will now have access to electric vehicle charging stations across the city.

The Wollongong City Council and Endeavour Energy have partnered with EV infrastructure company EVX to introduce the pole-mounted chargers in the city’s streets.

Five chargers have been installed along George Street, Victoria Street, Cliff Road, Austinmer Tennis Courts and Railway Parade in Thirroul, with more still to come.

EVX CEO Andrew Forster says the new infrastructure will help EV drivers going through Wollongong with an easier way to charge.

“This exciting new partnership is a huge step forward on the journey to ensuring Wollongong’s EV drivers are equipped with the charging infrastructure they demand,” he says.

“The project will make EV charging more accessible at convenient locations around Wollongong, helping to incentivise further the shift towards a greener future on our roads.”

Wollongong’s EV usage has been rapidly rising in the past two years, with the number on the roads nearly quadrupling in that time period. It ranks in the top 10 per cent in the country for new EV registrations.

Designed in Australia for the needs of Australian cities, EVX says it aims to meet the challenges of both utility providers and local government when it comes to the implementation of EV infrastructure.

It says the street chargers will have a low impact on Wollongong’s power grid by using exisiting utility pole infrastructure.

“The five new chargers across Wollongong and its northern suburbs is not only good news for local EV drivers – especially those without access to off-street charging – but it’s also welcome news for visitors over the holiday season,” Forster says.

“With Wollongong and its northern coastal suburbs popular hotspots for out-of-town holidaymakers and day-trippers, the availability of kerbside chargers will help combat the range anxiety still gripping many of Australia’s EV drivers, which will also lead to a positive outcome for local businesses as EV uptake continues to rise.”

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